May 23-24, 2016, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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The main goal of the workshop is to discuss new advancement in seismology and earthquake protection with the focus on disaster management. Natural disasters caused by earthquakes are one of the most serious treats to the stability and sustainable development of many countries. Despite the considerable progress made in seismology reliable predictions of earthquakes are not yet possible, and while measurements for assessing and mitigating risk must be enhanced. Therefore, improving our knowledge of the physics of earthquakes and developing efficient methods for seismic risk assessment and mitigation is crucially important, especially for those the countries located in high seismic risk zones. Today, it is becoming more clear that any advanced method should be based on interdisciplinary approaches that include modern innovation technologies coming from physics, mathematics, geology and information communication technologies. Thus proposed workshop will be devoted to both, new developments in the fundamentals of the geosciences (in particular seismology) and earthquake engineering, as well as new trends in the application of complex system sciences to different issues associated with these disciplines. In particular, the workshop will help the attendees in understanding how the new approaches might help to improve the current standard methodologies for seismic hazard and risk assessment. In addition, it aims to provide some orientation to local experts. The talks and panel discussions of the workshop will concentrate on the problems of earthquake forecasting, seismic engineering, seismic hazard estimation using advanced approaches, seismic safety and security and other related issues. Some of these topics are of special relevance for the countries in Central Asia. The region belongs to a high seismic risk zone with strong seismic activity was seriously affected by several strong earthquakes occurred in the past. Talks and plenary discussions will be concentrated on the following topics:

  • Seismic risk assessment
  • Earthquake modeling and forecasting
  • Statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics of earthquakes
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Seismic protection of industrial and architectural heritage constructions
  • Seismic risks in Central Asia
Recommendations for effective implementation of advanced methods for seismic risk assessment and mitigation into the infrastructure of Uzbekistan, into the country’s economy will be presented by the end of the Workshop. Expected participants of the Workshop are seismologists, geophysicists, earthquake engineers and related experts from Central Asia, Europe, U.S. and Japan.








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